Alba Truffles

Truffles are a treasure of incomparable value for the hills of Langhe.If Alba is the capital of the Tuber Magnatum Pico, we can’t forget that the so called Tartufo Bianco Pregiato (Fine White Truffle) grows in the entire Piedmontese hill basin south of the Po river, adding great positive effect to the image of the entire region.
Truffles on the table
The truffle has to be cleaned very gently; you have to lightly brush it using very little water. You have to prepare it only a few minutes before consuming. One method is to cut it into very thin slices with a proper tool called a truffle slicer (‘affetta tartufo’ in Italian) before placing it on the food.
It can be used in many ways in the Langhe cuisine, preferably on warm dishes that enhance its aroma and with light sauces. It is also perfect on fondue, on tajarin served with butter and sage, on Piedmontese risotti as well as on Albese raw meat, on porcini mushroom salad and ovoli mushroom salad.
Tartufo bianco