The Products of Langhe

Taste, harmony and beauty...

In addition to the charm of the landscape and the magnificence of monuments and ancient castles, the very best of the food and wine production give Langhe a heritage unique in the world: an out-and-out paradise for the most demanding visitors, this territory can offer, at every time of the year, a mix of coloursperfumes and flavours that are difficult to resist.

The “very best” are the key words which mark out not only the great wines of Langa, but also the other products of this legendary landscape. Many of these products are protected and guaranteed by strict regulations in order to ensure quality, authenticity and regularity over time: first of all the White Truffle of Alba, a refined tuber, equivalent of taste and luxury all over the world, the Round Delicate-flavoured Hazelnut, in Italian Nocciola Tonda Gentile, one of the best quality hazelnuts in the world and main ingredient of many handmade sweets of the local tradition, the Dop cheeses, and also the handmade pasta, the cold cuts and the sauces, which are the base of the extraordinary recipes of Langa.

The gastronomy of Langa is robust and tasty, but simple and genuine at the same time, because it depends on the products of a territory which differ with the changing of the seasons. Inherited by the farmers’ tradition, the typical dishes of Langa recall a rustic cuisine, which is indeed rich in flavours and authenticity: from tajarin to agnolotti, two kinds of pasta matched with meat sauces, from the Piedmontese “fritto misto”, a fried mix of vegetables, meat and fruit, to the lepre al “civet”, hare cooked in red wine, and also the sweets, of course, like the hazelnut cake, the zabaione, a drink made with eggs, and the bônet, a chocolate pudding. Let yourself be tempted: come and discover the most delicious dishes of Lange!

Ravioli al Plin with truffle