Traditional Cheeses

Cheese is an important resource for the Langhe wine and food basin. Even when these cheeses are not directly produced within the boundaries of the Barolo area, they are indeed an integral part of the cuisine of these districts and are the protagonists of many an ancient and contemporary recipe. Cheese, by its nature, distinguishes itself in the uniqueness of the product, hence the need to establish, with precise discipline, the product traits. In this way it is possible to appreciate a wide variety of flavours with a slow journey among the delicious traditional varieties of cheese of Langhe such as Murazzano, Robiola d’Alba, Robiola di Bossolasco, and Toma which are made with the milk of sheep grown on the farms of the Alba Langa and goats from the farms of the Asti Langa. Moving beyond the Langhe territory, you can also taste Raschera, Castelmagno, Toma Piemontese, Bra, and Robiola di Roccaverano. The wine and food proposal connected with cheese is becoming more and more articulated: the whole territory is dotted with small family owned cheese factories, inns that display and offer samples of carefully selected cheeses, and shops selling traditional products steeped in green pastures.Toma