What is the Wine Tatsing Experience®

The Wine Tasting Experience® is an original tasting event that Strada del Barolo organizes both for wine-lovers who choose Langhe for their holidays, and wine enthusiasts from all around Europe, who will have the opportunity to attend special events organized in the main capital cities.

Following the example of the French Ecoles du Vin, the experiences will go beyond the traditional tasting in the winery, a classic activity for every wine tourist, most importantly because they will offer the chance to taste bottles from different winemakers at the same time.

The experiences will be led by winemakers, oenologists or experienced sommeliers, each with their own personal point of view, offering insights into the bouquet of a specific glass, pairings between food and wine and the wine’s characteristics in relation to where the vines were grown.


The Wine Tasting Experiences are available all year round, set to four different “formats”: in Italy and abroad, in prearranged dates or completely tailored. The aim is to meet the different needs of the wine lovers.

The first format, the more “traditional”, is the seasonal double calendar with appointments in spring and autumn in some of the most prestigious venues of Langhe: from Roddi and Grinzane Cavour castles, including wineries and wine shops of the area.

The second option allows tailored tastings for groups of at least six people, who can decide together with the organizers, dates, time, locations and languages (besides Italian: English, French and German) and of course the types of wine to taste.

A third possibility is offered during the great events organized in the Langhe territory: both for Vinum (in May) and the International White Truffle Fair of Alba (October and November) several special appointments are scheduled and included in the event’s calendars.

The fourth format is connected with events for the promotion of Piedmontese wines or during nights dedicated to the regional food and wine products in the main European capitals. The Wine Tasting Experiences in Europe are often followed by friendly gatherings and dinners in the capitals’ restaurants. These offer the perfect occasion to talk about Piedmont which, through Barolo and other great wines, reveals everything it can offer: food, wines, tourist destinations and cultural programmes. The result is a promotional initiative of great effect.

Special events at Alba Truffle Fair 2023

On the occasion of the Alba International White Truffle Fair, the “Palatartufo” will host the Wine Tasting Experience®: on the website www.winetastingexperience.it it is possible to book your event and buy the tickets.

From 7th October to 3rd December 2023 the guided tastings of Strada del Barolo return during the Alba International White Truffle Fair: the best territory experts tell everything about the great wines of Langhe!

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Together with the appointments of the Wine Tasting Experience®, side activities will be organized in the two locations that will be hosting the events. In order to attract more parents to the tastings, WiMu is thinking about how to involve children.

Info and booking

In order to meet the winelovers’ needs, besides the scheduled events, during the entire year it is always possible to organize a completely tailored Wine Tasting Experience®: learn more…