Treasure Hunt on the Barolo Wine Route

Friday, 1st May 2015, on the occasion of Vinum, a path full of surprises along the Barolo Wine Route. 

For “Primavera di bellezza”, an event with a rich cultural programme, and Vinum’s 39th edition, the Association Turismo in Langa, in cooperation with Strada del Barolo, the city of Alba and other involved municipalities, have organized the 6th edition of the “Treasure Hunt on the Barolo Wine Route”. The format is that of a traditional treasure hunt, but with a difference: the itinerary, along which participants unearth clues, passes through a territory unique in the world which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. We are in the deepest heart of the Langhe, in the territory of the municipalities of La Morra, Barolo, Novello, Verduno, Castiglione Falletto and others, where the Langa presents the best of itself, between the crus and wineries where Barolo and other extraordinary wines, known and appreciated throughout the world, are produced.

A slow hunt…

The hunting journey shall be carried out by car or motorcycle, to allow participants to visit a large part of the Langhe region. But – very important! – It will not be a timed race: the aim is to spend a day in good company, to discover the territory and its precious resources, without “competing” to arrive first. The Treasure Hunt has to be enjoyed more than played, with the game’s search aspect acting as a means for discovery.

The clues scattered throughout the area, all inspired by wine and food, folk traditions and the history of these touching lands will, in fact, provide the chance for a full-immersion in the spirit and in the art de vivre of Langhe, to breathe its special atmosphere to its fullest, to experience what the world envies of the inhabitants of these hills.

The Hunt will be structured so that the participating teams can be distributed across multiple routes, homogeneous in character, pleasantness, and length. The legs will allow everyone to have fun and excitement according to their own taste, for both wine lovers and families with children alike.

The Rules

The hunters will gather between 10.30am and 11.00am in Alba, in Piazza Risorgimento: there, the teams (by car or motorcycle) will be registered and each will receive the kit to join the hunt. From the starting point, the teams will leave in search of their first clue, hidden somewhere within Alba’s historical centre.

Of course, the first leg will be among the stands of Vinum, Alba. From there on, it will be a continuous movement between the hills and vine rows along the Barolo Wine Route: at every leg of the hunt, participants will receive the clue leading to the next, and it will be necessary to earn it, sometimes passing a simple test linked to the place, other times having it revealed by someone, and others by searching for it in the nearby area. Each test will give each team a score, adding up to a final ranking: the last stage will see the teams converge in the late afternoon (approximately around 6.00pm), for the final leg and the discovery of a number of awards such as wines, traditional products, accommodation and dinners in the territory facilities, to continue the enjoyment a bit longer.


Langhe has no shortage of places to eat, from restaurants to wineries: you will find several on your path. Discover them on

How to participate

Teams should apply to the Treasure Hunt by April 29th, 2015 *, by calling Turismo in Langa on 0039 0173 364 030, by sending an email to, or by filling in the online registration form.

The registration costs 40 euro per team (a team consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people per car/camper) or 25 euro for motorcycle riders (a motorcycle-team consists of a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 2 people per motorcycle/bike) **.

* it is possible to arrive and pay with cash at the registration in Alba, but the price will include an extra administration fee and will amount to 45.00 EUR
** if paying by paypal, the form will ask you an extra 1 euro for commission