Wine, Culture and Technology

On 14th December 2013,  in the amazing Vivanco property in La Rioja, in Spain, Strada del Barolo will take part in the event called “Wine, Culture and Technology”, which will gather together important international personalities of the wine and culture sectors, as well as representatives of some wine  trails of  Spain, France and Switzerland in order to talk about the proper strategy for the development of a model of cooperation among the European wine trails.

Wine, Culture and Technology

The meeting is organized by ACTE – Association for Culture and Tourism Exchange, with the support of the European Council and the “Microsoft Innovation Center”, a net made of a hundred of centres spread all over the world, which aims at drawing and planning solutions to improve the competitiveness of the companies operating in the tourist sector, thought the most updated computing technologies.

Strada del Barolo, which recently joined the project entitled Wine Community Portal promoted by ACTE, a portal whose aim is to gather together all the European wine trails, has been invited to bring its distinguished contribution. The organizers of the event have, in fact, shown a great appreciation for the importance that Strada del Barolo always give to the cooperation relationships with the other European organizations and for the capability the association has shown in being able to sign important international partnership, as the one started last year with Slow Food Switzerland  and, more recently, with the Austrian region of Burgenland.

And especially thanks to the experience  that  ACTE recognize to Strada del Barolo, our Consortium will lead the session dedicated to the vision of identity and destination management.

The representatives of the different wine trails, who will take part in the event, will meet again on Sunday 15th December, to draw a strategy to enhance the development of European cooperation and to make the local communities along the wine trails become more aware of the actions to undertake.