Dogliani DOCG

Dolcetto is a wine that has long been associated with the little town of Dogliani.
One of the wine’s local promoters was a past President of the Italian Republic, Luigi Einaudi, who was born in the area and owned Dolcetto vineyards there.
Of all the Dogliani Dolcettos, the most important in terms of quality is probably the ‘Superior’, which undergoes a year’s ageing. Local producers’ dedication to quality was recognised in 2005 with the application of the Docg appellation to Dogliani Dolcetto, which can also be known simply as ‘Dogliani’.
Dogliani is intensely ruby red in colour and possesses violet highlights. The perfume has strong notes of fresh fruit and flowers with blackberry and wild cherry to the fore. The flavour is dry and harmonious with a fine and bitterish after -taste including almonds. Modest acidity lends the wine a lively note. Dogliani town has an excellent ‘Bottega comunale’ wine shop where visitors can discover the delights of these wines and other local traditions.