Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 5, Castiglione Falletto CN

Almost 150 years have passed since its foundation. It was the end of 1800 when Carlo Vietti started the Vietti
winery, right in the heart of the Langhe, on the highest point of the medieval village of Castiglione Falletto. In the
very same place where it is located today.

In 1917, returning after many years from living in the United States, Mario Vietti, Carlo’s son, took the reins of
the company, transforming it into a winery suitable for the production of high-quality wines.

At the end of the 1950s, Alfredo Currado, husband of Luciana Vietti, oenologist, and art lover, put into relation the great experience of the Vietti family with new intuitions, capable of intertwining wine knowledge with art and culture.

In 1961, one of the first Barolo Crus was produced by Vietti: Rocche di Castiglione. In 1967, the first vinification
of Arneis took place. Starting from 1974, the wines were accompanied by Art Labels. The Vietti brand thus
became an icon and standard-bearer of some of the most important revolutions of that time.

The intellectual, professional, and prospective legacy of Alfredo Currado and Luciana was taken up first, during
the 80s, by their son-in-law Mario Cordero and then, starting from the 90s, by their son Luca Currado Vietti,
subsequently accompanied by his wife Elena.

Commitment and vision, culture, and passion. These are the keywords that have contributed to the growth of
the Vietti winery and brand, universally recognized today among the best Italian wine labels. The path of quality
is traced, thanks to the respect for tradition and careful experimentation, where man and earth have always
been able to dialogue.

In 2016, the Krause Family purchased Vietti. Once again, it is man’s intuitions that make the difference. Kyle
Krause decided to extend the winemaking properties with new, renowned crus in the denomination of Barolo
and Barbaresco. In the Colli Tortonesi area, thanks to the purchase of vineyards, the production of Timorasso
had its beginning.

Beginning of 2023, Luca Currado Vietti, together with his wife Elena, departed from the Winery. The Heritage is
taken over by the Krause Family, already owner of the Cellar since 2016 and standard-bearer of the new future
of the Vietti brand.

As the seasons progressed, the company also grew and the focus on improvement soon became a real distinctive
style of the winery. Just like the selection and care in the vineyard. Today, Vietti counts, within its heritage, some
of the finest and most representative vineyards of the Barolo and Barbaresco areas.

As in the past, Vietti maintains those founding values, the same that animated Carlo Vietti at the beginning, and all his successors then. It looks towards the future with even more promising and stimulating prospects. Each wine is the result of artisanal work and the profound understanding and interpretation of each individual terroir. Vietti is thus the place where the intelligence of the hands, applied in the vineyard and the cellar, meets the vision.

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