Poderi Luigi Einaudi

Borgata Gombe, 31, Dogliani CN


The history of Luigi Einaudi Farms started in 1897, when Luigi Einaudi, only twenty-three years old, bought the farm “San Giacomo” in the municipality of Dogliani, a noble eighteenth-century building with a converted chapel in ruins and 15 hectares cultivated with vineyard. Under the guidance of the founder, Senator Luigi Einaudi, the farm started bottling Dolcetto and to make it known outside the borders of the region, where it was relegated. The ‘Professor’, as he was affectionately called in Dogliani, never neglected his vineyards and despite the many professional commitments, to the onerous task of President of the Republic, he never failed to San Giacomo in the days of harvest. The Einaudi family has inherited the passion and continued to improve the vineyards and refine their technique of conducting the research of the highest quality of the grapes, which is essential to get great wines. The work takes place in the cellar “Cascina Tecc” completely underground to reduce the environmental impact and to ensure a constant temperature and humidity in the area of ​​maturation. The wine is made in modern steel fermenters with computer controlled pumping and temperature of fermentation, then the wine is aged in oak barrels of medium and small volume to finish the bottle aging.

The farm “Poderi Einaudi” continues to grow by investing in the best vineyards. The latest acquisitions are the prestigious “Vigna Cannubi” in Barolo and four acres in the hills of Barbaresco. Today, 52 hectares of vineyards, of the 140 acres total, are entrusted to the care of workforce who live in 11 farmhouses within the estate. The wines are produced from grapes grown in the Farms.

Matteo Sardagna, son of Paola, the grandson of Luigi Einaudi, is responsible for conducting “Poderi Einaudi” following the family tradition and teaching of the President: “innovation while respecting tradition.”

The structure also has a Relais guesthouse with ten rooms: www.relaiseinaudi.com


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