Olivero Mario

Via Fontanassa, 18, Roddi CN

A company originated with an extremely precise idea: endorse at the utmost the potentialities of the native grape varieties and the land of Langa.

Company History 

The Olivero Mario wine house was founded in 2003 by the young Lorenzo Olivero. At the end of his University Degree in Viticulture and Oenology at Turin University, he decided, with the help of his father Mario, to start a company focused on a small but quality production. «The idea that motivated me since the beginning – explains Lorenzo – was to produce a little, but do it well: the goal was to be able to become recognizable for some peculiarities, as, for example, the Dolcetto d’Alba “Buschet”, which ages for four years in wooden barrels ». The principle at the base of this product is the same for all the other wines produced by the Olivero company, that is the will to reconsider a grape variety which has always been underestimated: «in agreement with my father – continues Lorenzo – I chose to manage all the wines with the same care and the same attention which are normally only given to Barolo».


The winery manages about 6 hectares of vineyards, located in the municipalities of Roddi, La Morra, Alba and Rodello. Among these, the new Fontanassa vineyard situated above the cellar, represents the Lorenzo’s challenge to conventions, In fact this was planted in 2016 with some of particular grape varieties. Lorenzo approaches to viticulture in a “natural” way, trought low environmental impact and without the use of herbicides. The winery produces today 7 different wines. In addition to the previously mentioned Dolcetto d’Alba “Buschet”, the range includes one Barolo, two Barbera d’Alba, one Langhe Nebbiolo, one Langhe Arneis, and the most classic Dolcetto d’Alba.

Langa Style

Great importance is also given to the promotion, which Lorenzo has decided to carry on together with other producers, who he loves to call “colleagues” instead of “competitors”, under the brand “Langa Style”: «we are a group of friends who work with passion, sharing customers and acting as a team to present our territory at its best and the very best of the productions that distinguish it».

The Cellar 

The Cellar, which dates back to the end of 1980s, exists on two floors, one of which is the basement used for wine-making and aging. The facility also has a tasting hall able to welcome up to ten people at a time. Upon appointment (via email or calling the number +39  333 2389773) it is possible to visit the Cellar and, if the weather conditions allow it, the vineyard too. Visits and guided tastings of up to three kinds of wines are free.

Visitable cellar

Our products Barolo "Bricco Rocca" DOCG, Langhe Nebbiolo DOC, Barbera d'Alba Superiore "Campii Raudii" DOC, Dolcetto d’Alba Superiore “Buschet” DOC, Dolcetto d'Alba DOC, Langhe Arneis DOC
Tasting: two wines free

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Contact us

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