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A vision. Transform abandoned fields filling them whit yellow and white flowers, buzzing of bees, butterflies and ladybugs. Rediscover in a new form ancient recipes. Change the perspective of sauce in the gastronomic field from a way to “hide the taste” to an harmonic element, a taste trigger. Make a product from basically just industrial to an artisanal excellence. Be able to “eat the wine”. A vision. A burning one, first in our minds, then in the plate, as a sauce. Impossible? That’s what Dario thought about Alexander victory.

Langa front territory leaning between the alps, the sea and the plains, a spot of the world in which traditional rhythms persist. Consistent biodiversity, different streams, geological stratifications and breathtaking landscapes affirm his richness and are a source of inspiration and an extraordinary scenery. Land crossed by many peoples and civilazations, natural frontier, these traces are visibles in the dialect and kitchen, but also generated closed perched settlements, where every little village had his watching tower and also chapels where build in strategic places for this double need. Probably also for this defensive outpost condition, today some zones of alta langa and langa cebana seem untouched by time, preserved, wild and impenetrable, as high mountains. Our experience and fields benefit from this unique and fashinating conditions.

Epicenter. The Maccaferro village origin is lost in time, small settlement like manies in these lands, today marginal, once alive and center of a thick net of commerce and pilgrimages. The origin of the name is connected to the activity to strike the iron, realised from the monks that lived in the village. We have no trace of this art nor an abbey, the thougness to transform the shape and cultivate the land is still pursued from the few people left. A handful of stone houses, a chapel, some vineyard survived from manies that bravely climbed over these steep hills. Withing these houses, the family homestead, situated leaning over the first cliff of the tanaro river was well maintained during the years thank to the passion of people for the territory. In the old barn, we built our laboratory through a conservative renovation, respectful of the structure and his history, favorising dry construction technique. The machineries have been chosen in order to have the maximum functionality with the lowest electrical consuption possible, valorizing hand and artisanal work, our stone mill represent this production philosophy. The silence, the nature’s sounds and perfumes enrich and give value to our experience every day.

The territory matters. The territory in the “langa cebana” has a peculiar, rich and and complex morphology: from crest to crest, from tiny valley to another, from sloope to sloope, everything can change, land, sun exposure, air streams, creating a noticeable variety of elements binding together. In addition, an ecosystem almost intact. The small fields we cultivate are settled in this scenario: facing south, they look the mountains from which they receive the fresh breeze in summer together with the warm and salty air from the sea, when the wind changes. The humidity is kept from the surrounding woods and the draining and clay terrain helps to avoid water stagnation. The bloom is enriched by the perfumes of the spontaneous vegetation, facilitated from the pollinating insects, that benefits of the fields themselves. Three conditions allows us to work in harmony with the environment, without stressing the terrain with chemical products or to irrigate abundantly (water is a precious source).

Mustard and hot sauces 10 sauces. 6 mustard and 4 hots sauces. Our recipes include a long work to find the balance of strong taste, sometimes hard to handle, of complementary ingredients and flavours of quality, of artisanal and slow preparations. In the transformation process, the artisanal attitude allow us to make our sauces at the best: in every batch mustard and peppers have slightly different qualities, depending on the harvest month, sun, shadow, near an apple or cherry tree. Our work in the laboratory is to combine all this with wine, vinegar, honey, aromatic herbs and close the perfumes and tastes of a terroir in a pot that takes them to your table.

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Our products 10 sauces: 6 mustard and 4 spicy
aperitif, sinoira snack with typical products accompanied by our sauces and chillies.
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