Dosio Vigneti

Regione Serradenari, 6, La Morra CN

Beppe Dosio’s passion for wines has grown day after day, and in a short time has brought the company to incredible qualitative levels.

Founded in 1974, as a passion and a hobby, the company is, today, an established business of the Piedmontese wines renowned all over the world, with a high quality production level. Located on the hills of the La Morra area, in the heart of Langhe, its vineyards are historic crus in the municipalities of La Morra and Barolo. The company is in a farmstead, which dates back in the 18th century, as proved by the ancient beams brought to life again in the tasting room. New vineyards have then been added to the original property, the old vineyards have left space to the new training systems and together with Dolcetto, now Nebbiolo for Barolo, Barbera, Langhe Rosso, Freisa and Roero Arneis are also grown. Every intervention has been made respecting the traditions, in order to create a bridge between past and present and to fully respect such a wonderful territory. The cellars, entirely underground, are a bit dark, kept as they were originally and divided into different sectors. Inside, the visitor can walk the same path the grapes do before they become wine.

Dosio is, in fact, a true passion for wine which has remained untouched by time. Every wine proves it in its own way, and some are able to demonstrate it more than others. You only need to consider the names… ‘Perti‘, Piedmontese name meaning “for you”, hand-lettered on a white label as if one is signing a dedication to a friend. This “For you” is a 100% Freisa, created thanks to a friend and so dedicated to him. ‘Momenti‘, the most sold Dosio wine, is a 50% Barbera and a 50% Nebbiolo and was created thanks to the wishes of a foreign client who wanted to combine two wines he equally loved in order to reach ecstasy. ‘Eventi‘, a 100% Merlot, is a milestone, since the vineyards it comes from were the first of La Morra and finally ‘Barilà‘, which gets its name from a little Piedmontese book; the choice of the name is due to the assonance with the name of a holder similar to the barrique. So, a name and a story. A wine and a story. And maybe even a tailored label, different for every wine to distinguish at its best. Nobody is afraid of experimenting or tasting. There is only a deep and ancient passion for the wine and a special care towards the clients who are considered the people who can provide tips and express opinions at the moment when they truly experience and savour these wines.

The Dosio wine has to be a pleasure for those who drink it, it has to create the taste of a family that is waiting for you. It has to conquer you and create a trust bond. It has to be able to make you love and not forget it. And according to those who have tasted it, it is very good at all of this…


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