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Borgata Roggeri, 44, La Morra CN

Crissante Alessandria farm is located in Borgata Roggeri, a Santa Maria hamlet, in the municipality of La Morra. Set within some six hectares of vineyards, it produces only red wines, such as Barolo, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba and a Langhe Nebbiolo and rosé Nebbiolo. The company is run by the brothers Michele and Roberto Alessandria, assisted by Alberto, the son of Michele, both in the wine production and trade aspects.

The company was founded in 1958 when Crissante Alessandria, a winemaker and the son of winemaking parents, together with his wife Teresa, decided to make wine using the grapes growing in the vineyards owned by the family, grapes which until then were sold to the most important historical wineries in Langa. Within the underground walls of Cascina Roggeri, the farmstead, with the blending of the Nebbiolo grapes from the “crus” Roggeri and Capalot, Crissante produced his first Barolo using the traditional system of aging it in 25 quintal Slavonia oak casks. Over the years, the company grew, new vineyards in excellent positions in La Morra municipality were bought, and, in the 1980s, started a separate wine production with grapes from the cru Capalot, Roggeri and, since 2007, Galina, gradually renewing the woods of the cellar, with special attention to the right balance between barriques (small barrels), tonneaux (big barrels), and classic mid-size barrels.


The vineyards, an asset of the company, are located in the municipality of La Morra, precisely in the hamlets Capalot, Galina and Roggeri, on some 6 hectares of land. The wines produced are: Barolo Roggeri, Barolo Capalot, Barolo Galina, Barolo La Punta Capalot Mac Magnum, Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba Superior Rugé, Langhe Nebbiolo and a Nebbiolo rosè. With the pomace, the grape skin, resulting from the Barolo vinification, Barolo grapes evolve into two versions of the wine; a young white wine and one allowed to age in oak barrels.

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is made up of two areas: one used for wine production and bottling and an old underground wine cellar used for the aging process. The process for all wines is mainly traditional with a long fermentation, featuring both pumping over and punching down of the cap. Maturation in small, medium and large oak containers is achieved with proper balance.

VILLA CRISSANTE Holidays in Langa

Villa Crissante is located in a wonderful panoramic position, along the road between Alba and La Morra right after the hamlet of Santa Maria. The facility boasts four elegant apartments for seasonal, monthly, weekly or weekend hire. Each apartment is named after a Barolo Crissante cru and can host up to four people. All apartments are furnished and equipped with all amenities, air conditioning, satellite TV and free Internet. A swimming pool, parking place and tasting room are also available. It is also possible to hire the entire facility. Minimum stay required: 3 nights. Part of the facility is a retail outlet selling the wines of Azienda Crissante Alessandria, open during the week-ends and capable of hosting guided tasting and territory presentation dedicated to visitors and tourists. Beneath Villa Crissante, there is a small cellar for the aging of wines.

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