“Langhe on the table” in Turin

5 special menus in the best Winery&Restaurants of Torino together with the producers of Strada del Barolo.

Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa and Wineat, a network of restaurants in Torino which have wine as their strength, are proposing 5 special nights with the wines of the producers of Strada del Barolo, paired with the cheeses Bra and Raschera and the PDO Raw ham from Cuneo.

Every Thursday, throughout the month of March, one of the “Winery&Restaurant” of the Wineat group will propose a special menu with a dish of cold cuts and cheeses, an appetizer and a first/second course to choose, paired with three wines of a producer of Strada del Barolo. The producers will personally attend the event to talk “live” about their wines.

Here all the appointments:

1 MARCH 2018
Quadre, via Perugia 41, Torino
with the wines of Costa Di Bussia, Monforte d’Alba
info@quadrefood.it, +

8 MARCH 2018
Magazzino 52, via Giolitti 52/A, Torino
with the wines of Silvano Bolmida, Monforte d’Alba 
info@magazzino52.it, + 

15 MARCH 2018
Rossorubino, via Madama Cristina 21, Torino
with the wines of Bel Colle, Verduno
info@rossorubino.net, +

22 MARCH 2018
Tre Galli, via Sant’agostino 25, Torino
with the wines of Marchesi di Barolo, Barolo
info@3galli.com, +39.011. 52.16.027 

29 MARCH 2018
MagazziniOz, via Giolitti 19/A, Torino
with the wines of Le Strette, Novello
ristorazione@magazzinioz.it, +39.011. 08.12.816