‘Il Vino colora il Paesaggio’

A photographic competition to capture the most evocative expressions of Langhe and Roero over the 4 seasons.

Strada del Barolo e Grandi Vini di Langa, in cooperation and with the support of Associazione per il Patrimonio dei Paesaggi Vitivinicoli Langhe-Roero e Monferrato and the Province of Cuneo,announces a photographic competition with prizes entitled “The Wine colours the Landscape”.

The contest will start on 20 October 2011 and will last one year allowing entrants to capture the most evocative expressions of Langhe and Roero over the 4 seasons.

Every quarter, the most beautiful pictures will be awarded, dividing them in 4 categories:
1) The Colours and the Seasons
2) The Characters
3) The Jobs on the hills of Langhe and Roero
4) The Cellars

Contest addressees
The contest divides participants into two categories:
1. Non professional photographers (wine lovers and enthusiasts of the territory, the wine and above all the photography, coming from all over the world) and students of Italian high schools.
2. Professional photographers Administrators, employees of the organizational boards and supporters are excluded from the contest.

Participation rules
The works shall be submitted only by their author, who shall send them together with the participation form properly filled in, hereby attached. For every submitted work, the author shall declare to be the real and only author, that he/she does not damage any right of any third parties and that he/she does not violate any law in force. In this way, he/she discharges the promoters from any kind of responsibility, including moral and material damages, connected with the submitted picture.
Every participant may submit a maximum of 4 works, one per thematic category, per quarter; for every submitted picture he/she shall provide: title, place, capture date and candidacy section.
The pictures shall have the following characteristics: JPEG or TIFF digital format, 24X30/36 high resolution (300 dpi in rgb) and it must be possible to include them in the proposed thematic sections.
Only original works will be accepted, so pictures with photomontage or any kind of manipulation (e.g. text, borders, diverse processing) will be excluded.

The works shall arrive in digital format on CD and on a paper to the offices of Strada del Barolo (Piazza Vittorio Veneto 3/A, Castiglione Falletto), together with the original participation form, before the following deadlines:
1st deadline: 31 January 2012
2nd deadline: 30 April 2012
3rd deadline: 31 July 2012
4th deadline: 30 November 2012.

For every works entering the competition, a waiver of responsibility shall be released to Strada del
Barolo in order to use the picture (with relative credits) for ever and without further communicationfor promotional and informative purposes, both on promotional materials and its web sites, as well as with the delivery to Italian and foreign newspapers selected by the association itself. The pictures that shall not fall into one of the thematic categories or shall be considered offensive, unworthy or, in any case, unacceptable by the judging commission, will be excluded by the contest. Strada is available to provide the names of cellars interested in being depicted in the pictures for the 4th category, entitled “The Cellars”.

Evaluation of the pictures
The pictures shall be evaluated by a Commission, made up of experts nominated by the promoters.
At the end of the contest there will be a photographic exhibition featuring the awarded pictures or those which will have received a mention, in a facility of the territory (that will be selected by the promoters).

We’d like to inform you that the contest has expired: the names of winners will be shortly published on this page. We wait for you for the next edition!