Treasure hunt on the Barolo’s way®

The Treasure hunt is back, this is a very fun and renewed experience on the Barolo’s way.

This is our 10th edition, the Treasure Hunt is a non-competitive game with a classic route format of clues on the Barolo’s in the UNESCO World Heritage famous for his Viticultural Landscapes.

Info about the 2019 edition

From 9:30 to 10:30, in Alba (CN) where the teams will receive the game kit (bag with the clues and form for the answers to be delivered upon the arrival). The hunt will take place even in case of bad weather. We will communicate the exact time for the meeting by e-mail.

The hunt is not a time trial but you should respect the times. Drive carefully. The visits have precise schedules and We will communicate them by e-mail.

The last stage will be a surprise, not the same meeting point of the start.

Bottles of great wines of Langa, to continue to enjoy the atmosphere of the Langhe region.

Registration is mandatory. You can sign up until 6:00 pm on Friday 26th of April 2019 (subject to availability). At the time of the registration each teams have to pay by PayPal or by via bank transfer, upon the receipt of a confirmation email from our staff (the email is not automatically). The team leader can pay for a maximum of 5 people (max 5 people for each team).


25 euros per person. The price include: 1 game kit, the access for the app, 1 wine glass, the ticket for the visits and for the wine tasting.

The itinerary of the hunt (around 40 km) can be cover by car or motorcycle, to allow participants to visit a wide part of the Langhe region. Please note – very important ! – it is an opportunity to enjoy, taste and discover the area. Who ends first doesn’t win. The participants will follow different itineraries, but uniform for feature, length, type of facilities to visit.

The clues on the area of “Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa”, are related to food and wine, to the popular traditions and the history of these lands. You will visit villages, wine cellars and accommodations.



  • The meeting point is between 9:30 am and 10:30 am in Medford Square, in Alba, in front of Palazzo Mostre e Congressi. AT registration point the team will register and receive the game kit (bag with the clues and form for the answers to be delivered upon the arrival).
  • From the second stage onwards, you will move autonomously on the “Strada del Barolo” area. At each stage you will get the clue to reach the next stop. You have to fight for it, passing a theoretical quiz or a practical quiz linked to the place you are in, or searching around it.
  • Each quiz will give a score to the team, which will create the performance ranking: teams will arrive at the last stop in the late afternoon (around 6 pm) where will take place the cerimony giving the prize to the winning team. anyhow, every team will receive a gift.


The Langhe region offers many places to have lunch, from restaurants to wine cellars: you will found various possibilities along your way.

The “Treasure Hunt” is organized by Turismo in langa in collaboration with “Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa”, with Alba municipality and the all the districts involved, along the context of Primavera di Bellezza and the 43th edition of vinum.