Le Ginestre

Strada Grinzane, 15, Grinzane Cavour CN

Le Ginestre” is a wine-growing company located in the village of Grinzane Cavour, approximately 6 km from Alba, in the Langhe hills in Piedmont, in the north-west of Italy. Grinzane Cavour is one of the only 11 villages in this out­standing wine-growing area where Barolo can be produced.

In the XVIII century, during the reign of Emmanuel II, most of the land around Grinzane Castle belonged to Count Camillo Benso of Cavour, the political architect of the Unification of Italy, and Mayor of the commune for 17 years. When the estate was sold, the land was purchased by local farmers, including our forebears. When Franco Audasso took over this smallholding in 1980, he bega n to sell his wines with the help of his wife, Giulia Vacchetti. Later their children, Gian Luca and Barbara, started working in the company too.

Over the course of the years the initial property has been extended, with the acquisition of other vineyards, which have been partly replanted using the clo­nes that are best-suited to the type of soil. Franco tends to the vineyards; Gian Luca looks after the running of the cellars; Giulia and Barbara are responsible for sales.

Today the Ginestre’s “sori” – prime vineyard sites – stilllie on the historic farms that once belonged to the Benso family, sloping down the ridge where the road winds up through highly-prized vineyards from the valley as far as the hill of Diano. The small Ginestre hamlet was already marked on land registry maps as far back as the 1700s, and it has always been inhabited by vine-growers, who have passed on their passion for working in the vineyards with the skills that are stili theirs today.

The view from the Ginestre spreads out over a continuous range of gentle hills. From here the architecture of the landscape is based on the vineyard, merging into the culture of the native Barolo wine, which continues to convey the charm of the territory, enclosed in a glass.

The love which binds us to this area – which every day demands such hard work and dedication, but is also so generous in the magnificence of its wines ­drives us on to constant improvement. Growing wine, with the passing of the seasons in the vineyard followed by the transformation of its fruit during the entire wine-making process until the first bottle of the vintage is uncorked, con­tinues to fili us with emotions; it is like taking a child by the hand, and accom­panying it on its path through life.

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Our products Dolcetto Alba Doc, Barbera Alba Doc, Barolo Docg Sottocastello di Novello
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Spoken languages English and French
Credit cards Visa, Mastercard
Opening days From Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday by telephone alert
Annual closing December 25th-26th and January 1st
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Animals ammitted Yes
Activity open for Tasting and wine sales
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Production numberd 45.000 bottles
Municipalities representatives Grinzane Cavour, Monforte d’Alba and Novello