The Barolo Vineyards: a Tour of the “Crus” with tasting

Sunday, 2nd June 2019: a guided tour in the Barolo vineyards, to closely discover some of the most famous “crus” where the “King of wines” come from.

Strada del Barolo organises a tour in some of the main production areas of Barolo for a group of 20-25 people, guided by a wine expert, who will have the opportunity to understand the factors that influence the traits and the many characteristics of Barolo.

Aim of the tour

The terrain geological composition, the exposure, the slope and the altitude are all factors that determine the character of this great wine. These factors can be summed up with the term “cru”, a French word that indicates the part of a vineyard with its own peculiarities. The tour aims at explaining in a very simple and “experiential” way this concept, through a ring route, with stops in three “crus” in the municipalities of Serralunga d’Alba, La Morra and Barolo. At the end there will be a tasting on the enchanting panoramic terrace of Castiglione Falletto.


The group will move with a minivan and will be led by a exceptional guide: Sandro Minella, sommelier, tourist guide and “storyteller” of Strada del Barolo.

The tour starts on Sunday morning from Castiglione Falletto towards Serralunga d’Alba, in the area of the so called Elvetian Barolo, where the soils are marked by limestone-clay components which give birth to a structured, alcoholic Barolo, which generally has a long aging. Here will be the visit to the first “cru” of the day.

The second stop will be in La Morra for a visit to the second “cru”, in the area of the Tortonian Barolo, a geologically younger area with soils characterised by high marl and sandy components tat gives the wines particular refinement and elegance.

The group will then move to Barolo to visit the third “cru”, in an area that gathers together the traits of the previous areas, with soils characterised by an incredible variety of microelements.

The tour will end with arrival at the panoramic terrace of the Municipal Cellar of Castiglione Falletto, where it will be possible to taste the Barolo coming from the “crus” visited in the morning. Visitors will have the opportunity to find in a glass all the complexity of the terroir discovered during the tour. It will be funny and exciting recognizing the differences of the different labels of Barolo after understanding the factors where these peculiarities come from.

The ticket price is 40 Euro per person and the tasting will be paired with a selection of cheeses and cold cuts prepared by the Municipal Cellar of Castiglione Falletto.

The tour will be in two shifts:
– the first at 10.00 am from Castiglione Falletto, until 1.00 pm, with wine tasting in the Municipal Cellar of Castiglione Falletto

– the second at 3.00 pm from Castiglione Falletto, until 6.00 pm, with wine tasting in the Municipal Cellar of Castiglione Falletto


Both tours will be in Italian with the possibility of translation in English.

(*) No electronic or paper ticket will be issued: to participate in the tour you just have to show the PayPal receipt

(**) Tickets purchased on PayPal are not refundable

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